How to Protect Your Promise

“…Mary got ready and hurried to a town in the hill country of Judea, where she entered Zechariah’s home and greeted Elizabeth” (Luke 1:39).

They say facts are our friends. Being a logical girl, I’d tend to agree with that.

But, lately, facts haven’t been so friendly to me.

You see, this past November, my husband and I purchased our first home and it is a “fixer upper.”

But, God blessed us with this home, and sealed the deal with a promise of His provision for the remodeling.

With much excitement I received this promise from the Lord, but when the promise came face to face with “the facts” my excitement quickly eroded.

A general contractor came to our home to give us estimates on a few renovation projects, and let’s just say he had no inner Chip or Joanna Gaines. As he walked through our home, he fixed his perspective on all the shortcomings. He saw no potential, but only the problems.

As he went through each room, our fixer upper suddenly felt like a financial downer.

Nothing he said was exaggerated or stretched. He stated the facts.

But, oh how those facts extinguished my faith. I quickly forgot the promise God had spoken and my mind filled with catastrophic thoughts in its stead.

How will this come to pass?

This is logically impossible.

What did we get ourselves into?

The facts piled on harsh realities, and presented hard truths.

An internal battle surged between my faith and the facts. The facts wanted to smother the promise and bury it. Yet, I sensed my faith pushing back seeking to protect and promote the promise. Faith was bent on reminding my heart to consider God who is truth Himself—to consider a God whose promises are planted on the truth of His Word and His Character, which never fail or falter.

The struggle inside prompted me to ask, how can we protect our God-promises from being bullied by blaring facts?

This is where Mary comes in.

Mary, a young virgin girl, received a visitation from the angel, Gabriel, who delivered to her a glorious promise—she would conceive and give birth to a son, Jesus, the Messiah who’s kingdom will never end. She, Mary, would give birth to the promise the Jewish people awaited.

And, yet, the fact was she was a virgin. Engaged to a carpenter, she potentially could die upon the first signs of pregnancy, as others would assume she had relations with another man. The facts looming over the promise screamed discouragement and doom.

But, I love how God set Mary up to protect her promise.

The angel, Gabriel, goes on to tell Mary of her relative, Elizabeth, who, despite being old and barren, miraculously awaited a promised child of her own. And, this child would prepare the way of the Lord, the promised Messiah.

I could imagine, Elizabeth full of faith and amazement as her promise began to take shape inside of her. Though facts stacked up against her, her faith prevailed.

Upon hearing this, what does Mary do? She decides to pay Elizabeth a visit. The Bible specifically states, Mary got ready and hurried. She rushed to where faith thrived.

She ran to the place where faith resounded much louder than the facts. By doing so, she protected her promise.

What facts are screaming out at you?

Your son will never return back home. He’s too “out there.” There’s no hope.

That God-sized dream you have—you’re too young or too old to accomplish it.

Still unemployed? You’re just a statistic. No door is going to open up for you.

The doctor’s report is final. The odds are grim.

Please, let us stop allowing the facts to bully us around.

The fact is we serve a God whose truth prevails! His truth supersedes the “facts.”

How do we protect our God-promises?

Run and hurry to where faith thrives.

Do you have an “Elizabeth” you can run to?

I love how Elizabeth protected Mary’s promise.

Elizabeth proclaimed blessings over the promise. (“Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear!” (Luke 1:42))

She professed the prophetic promise. (“But why am I so favored, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” (Luke 1:43) Her profession that Mary was the mother of her Lord, the coming Messiah, confirmed the promise Mary received).

And, Elizabeth propelled Mary’s faith forward. (“Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!” (Luke 1:45) Her proclamation that Mary was blessed because she believed the Lord would fulfill his promises probably infused Mary with a brave and courageous spirit).

After our encounter with the general contractor who came to our home, I remember speaking to one of my “Elizabeths” afterwards. I cried and told my dear friend, “I’m not sure if we made the right decision.”

Do you know what my friend did? She protected my promise.

She reminded me of the blessing our home has been and will be to us.

She professed the promise and caused me to remember all God had done during our search for a home; how He divinely closed other doors and opened this one.

And, my precious friend propelled my faith forward. She reminded me not to be double-minded, but to stand firm on the truth of God’s promises.

When the facts try to force you to forget what God has spoken, hurry and seek out your “Elizabeth” who will help you protect your promise!

Lord, I pray our faith would silence the harsh realities we may encounter. May your truth, your promises, take root in our hearts and may faith well up inside us! I pray whatever faith has conceived in us would develop and fully mature. May what you have promised be birthed and come to life! Thank you for what you are going to do!

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